The Glow Rope &Paint

The Rope & Paint!

My goal is to bring live entertainment to the paint and sip world. We’ve done the nude model thing, and trust that we will do it again in the future, but I wanted to do something big and different. I work with some amazing artist and Dash (Rope Artist) is someone that I’ve collaborated with in the past. My goal was to bring you all an interactive paint night that would not only allow attendees to go home with a dope painting, but to also introduce them to the art of bondage. I love working with other artist and seeing what will happen, and Dash was more than willing to help me pull of the first Rope and Paint experience with canvas art.

The idea of this event was a challenge and a gamble for me. I didn’t know if it would be something my past attendees would be interested in. When peope hear Bondage they shy away, in spite of the fact that they ran to the movie theater to see '50 Shades of Grey.' So many people told me the book was so much better and they wanted more from the movie, so I wanted to give them that 50 shades darker experience.

The Glow Rope & Paint was a Successful event. We sold out with a packed house. We had a Erotic Poet, food, sangria and plenty of treats for all to enjoy. Our attendees had so much fun that for a moment they forgot that we had a live performance in store for them. Once we reached midway into our painting the lights were dimmed and the show began. People that were seated in the bag quickly moved up to get a closer view of the show. Our guest said “I will never attend a basic paint party again.” (Nicole, NYC) We had so much fun and received such an amazing response from our first event that we are doing it again soon. Our 2nd Rope and Paint will be bigger and better at a new spacious location. We will have more vendors and Amazing food. We are anticipating another sold out event that you will not want to miss.

Look out for Tickets to The Rope &Paint 2!!

~Lasonja Miller-Blakey


A Powerful Painting

Oooh I just loved creating this image. My Amazing friend reached out to me with a picture of her children at a protest. She asked me to do something amazing with it. The photo itself was powerful but I wanted to give it that black excellence by making it drip in liquid gold. 

Why Gold and Why Africa? 

The African trade is dominated by its diverse natural resources due to the abundance. Gold and diamonds are among the main exported commodities of African nations. South Africa is the world's biggest producer of gold?

That's why I decided on Gold..... BLACK LIVES MATTER goes beyond the United States. Its a cry to the World and I wanted that to come together in this painting. 




This was a picture taken on the launch of my mobile paint and sip business. I remember all the emotions that were coming at me full force. I never truly did something for me until this very day. I worked for others in the past, giving them my all and staying up late nights to ensure that their business would run smooth. It was a new kind of discipline I had to adjust to. It's different when  when you have to do things for yourself.  

So, here I was letting all of my friends and family know that I was ready to make my mark on the world an become a business owner. 

It felt GOOD!!!